Youth who are incarcerated are nearly twice as likely to recidivate than youth who are supervised in a community-based setting, or not detained at all.

The Juvenile Supervision Center (JSC) is a 24/7 safe and supervised space for youth ages 10-17 who have been picked up for truancy, curfew, or low level offenses by law enforcement in Hennepin County. Youth are assessed for strengths and risk factors, connected to resources, returned to school or home, and given follow-up services when appropriate (including crisis intervention or case management).

The JSC provides an immediate intervention, preventing youth from becoming the victims of violent crimes, offering them a positive alternative to incarceration and allowing police to be more present in the community by providing a place for youth to be dropped off.

The JSC staff provide redirection and resource referrals for first-time offenders, ongoing case management for youth who need more support, and crisis support for families in need of immediate services.

Youth who visit the Juvenile Supervision Center receive:

  • Risk and needs assessment
  • Assistance with parental and guardian involvement
  • Enriching and educational activities for youth
  • Informational on rights and responsibilities
  • Connections to resources and referrals to community services
  • Aftercare services tailored to the unique needs of each youth, including:
  • Case Follow-ups: Follow up with youth and parent or guardian
  • Case Stabilization: Short term services to youth who are experiencing crises
  • Case Management: One-to-one support for youth and families who need additional services

In 2010, The JSC had 2,546 youth visits. The JSC provided more intensive case management services to 232 youth, and 91% did not re-enter the center within 6 months of closure.


To find out more about the Juvenile Supervision Center, contact Blaine Turnbull, JSC Program Manager at:

Juvenile Supervision Center
City Hall Room 21A
350 S 5th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55415

PHONE: 612.673.5465 Email Us!

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The Juvenile Supervision Center is funded by support from Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Public Schools District. The JSC is a proud recipient of the City of Minneapolis’ CDBG funds.