Success Stories


Juvenile Supervision Center

Derrick is a 15-year-old youth who was brought into the JSC for a 5th Degree Assault charge from an incident at school. His little brother Andrew, who is 12, was brought into the JSC on a different occasion for stealing a BB Gun from Fleet Farm. The family was open to case management and began working with The Link. Over the course of 6 months of service, both boys completed all court orders, increased attendance and academic performance at school and participated in various activities at The Link and in the community.

Derrick’s family had been homeless for over 2 years, living with anyone that would allow them a place to stay, often separating the family unit. With the assistance of JSC Case Management and the Parent Support Specialist here at The Link, his mother obtained permanent housing in a home of their own, obtained health insurance for the entire family and found stable employment. The Link also was able to refer the family to Bridging which allowed them to furnish their new home

For the first time in 2 years the boys had their own beds to sleep in under the same roof as their entire family.