Success Stories


The Parent Support Program and The Juvenile Supervision Center

Hi, my name is “Marcus,” I like to play Football. I am a Junior at PYC High School. I want to go to college for two years so I can be a Carpenter. I got connected with The Link because I got an assault charge in March of 2015 and was brought to the Juvenile Supervision Center. Being at the Juvenile Supervision Center was fun. They gave me food and my brother came to pick me up. When I went to court I agreed to the assault charge and did three days of STS (sentence to service).

When I first met Alesia and Rhonda I was still at Southwest High School. I wanted to switch from Southwest to PYC. I made the decision to go to PYC and while I was in my fourth quarter of last school year, I won Student of the Week in May 2015 and got all A’s and B’s for my fourth quarter final grades. I came to group at The Link afterschool and helped plant the garden. After the school year ended, I got a Summer Job through the people at my school (PYC) working with kids at the park by where I live, and the pay was good. After my summer job I started playing football for Southwest High School my home school since PYC does not have a football team. I stuck to the commitment even though it was a losing season for us. Before school started at PYC this year, I participated in “Shop With A Cop” at Target downtown Minneapolis, which allowed me to shop for school supplies and clothes for back to school. The Link helped get my birth certificate, and my State ID is on the way. This school year I did this program called “Tree Trust” and got a job with them.

The Link has benefited my life by helping me do better in school, and having a better relationship with my dad and brother.

Hi, my name is “Sam.” I am a participant of The Link, my son and I. I got a phone call from The Link (JSC) and they let me know they were there to help parents and children in tough situations. That’s when we met Alesia and Rhonda. Alesia is Marcus’ advocate, and Rhonda is my advocate. The work that we did was an assurance that it was help we needed. My services from Rhonda were to assist me with my CDL to become a bus driver, seeking out GED programs and locations, help with food pantries and also help with my rent. Rhonda was an advocate between my landlord and me. Rhonda also helped me out by inviting me to the parent groups that were educational and informational. My life benefited from The Link is very satisfactory and rewarding. Marcus and me are really “linked” together, communicating more, doing things together more. More life on life terms. Things are not going to change because of me; I learned I needed to adjust. It’s awesome to get the information and services I received from The Link. The Link is positive for the neighborhood.

I wouldn’t be here if it didn’t have such a positive experience in Marcus’ and my life.