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ECPAT-USA: And Boys Too

An ECPAT-USA discussion paper about the lack of recognition of the commercial sexual exploitation of boys in the United States

This study was designed by Brian Willis, JD, MPH, Health Advisor to ECPAT-USA and carried out by Norene Robert and Brian Willis. The report is written by Sara Ann Friedman, adapted from Norene Roberts’ paper “The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys and Young Men in the United States.” We are extremely grateful to the 40 informants who took the time to answer survey questions. We are also indebted to the experts who read the draft study and gave substantive content.

Needed: A Spotlight on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys

“Many youth talked at length about the shame, stigma, degradation and loneliness that they felt. They added that being labeled and stigmatized by their family, peers, and society overall, left them with low self-esteem and self-worth, which often resulted in an inability to leave “the life.” Beside the self-loathing that they experienced from participating in CSEC markets, one of the youths’ biggest dislikes was providing sexual services to strangers, and the risk of being raped or killed weighed most on their minds.”  —The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in New York City, 2008