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Hunger-Free Minnesota

An Executive Summary of the Cost/Benefit Hunger Impact Study


We know that hunger is present and, in fact, prevalent in Minnesota. We also know that hunger’s severity ranges from simply sacrificing the quality of food eaten to going consecutive days without eating. And, we know that hunger is typically accompanied by the uncertainty of where the next meal will come from.

While some people may believe that hunger only impacts those individuals who are hungry and impacts them only in that their stomachs grumble, research proves that the effects of hunger are actually much broader, much more complex, and much more troubling. In an effort to identify the true individual and societal costs of hunger in Minnesota as well as the possible financial benefits of ending hunger in Minnesota, a new study analyzed existing hunger-related research. This landmark research, underwritten by Target, is the first of its kind to isolate the cost of hunger in Minnesota and to estimate the possible financial return when we invest in securing food access for all Minnesotans.