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The Link and UROC YPAR Report

``Five members of The Link’s Survivor Advisory Committee and two researchers from the University of Minnesota were tasked with the challenge to create a research project that would inform a marketing campaign targeted towards the prevention and intervention of commercial sexual exploitation of youth who have had experiences that make them at-risk for being trafficked, such as runaway youth, youth experiencing homelessness or systems involved youth.``

Youth Participatory Action Research:

Creating a Marketing Intervention for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation among Youth Populations at High Risk for Trafficking

Lateesha Coleman, Kaira Williams, Jada Tolliver, Symmieonna Williams, additional youth who requests anonymity, James Flowers, & Katie Fritz Fogel

Dr. Lauren Martin & Beth Holger-Ambrose


Prepared in fulfillment of Contract for The Link by the University of Minnesota, Urban Research Outreach Engagement Center and

Researchers from The Link’s Survivor Advisory Committee

With support from the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

Download the full report here:
The Link and UROC YPAR Final Report