The Link Spotlight: February 2017

Lindquist Apartments

Lindquist Apartments is a 24-unit site-based housing program located in North Minneapolis that provides housing for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who are experiencing homelessness. (learn more at


Lindquist has a number of really exciting things happening and we just had to share them with you!


Resident Fun Facts:

  • Currently, 21 out of 24 residents (88%) are employed and/or are attending school/job training program.
  • We have a resident who is a semi-pro boxer
  • We have 2 residents that are vocal artist/rappers
  • We have a resident who is a bicycle mechanic and aspires to open his own repair shop
  • We have a resident who will be graduating from St. Mary’s in June


Programming Fun Facts:

  • Lindquist is working with St. Stevens Human Services: zAmya Theater Group to promote self expression, advocacy, civic engagement and the arts. Lindquist will be hosting a Theater Workshop for LQ residents which will teach performance skills in order to tell their story.
  • Volunteer activities include Jewelry Making and a Monthly Community Meal
  • Lindquist youth are expressing the desire to be involved in the planning and execution of programming. They have formed The Lindquist Leaders, a group which will organize social events, community service projects and will serve as youth guides, a program where seasoned residents help orient new residents to Lindquist life.
  • March marks the start of our new interactive ILS series, helping youth work through real life situations in areas such as landlord tenant relations, housekeeping, budgeting, banking, community resource location, managing mental and physical health, nutrition and exercise.
  • Lindquist is partnering with Tubman Support Services to provide a 6 week Healthy Relationships series providing a safe space for our youth to seek support surrounding difficult relationships in their lives.
  • Youth-led Sobriety Group –*Philip, a resident for 2 years is the group founder and facilitator.
    We asked *Philip, what have you learned from starting the group?
    He stated, “I learned that we can build on past experiences and learn from themto create positive new ones. And also deter people from using drugs by offering solutions to the problems that lead them to use drugs in the first place. Also, I learned that its not so easy to get people to show up to option events like this and how much effort it takes to publicize them and encourage participation.”