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Safe Harbor Community Awareness and Fundraising Event


We need to raise $1 million through the support of individuals like you. The Link is currently renting the Passageways building from another nonprofit, which is selling the building and dissolving as an organization. If we do not buy the building this year, we could lose it.

Without this building, each year 50 to 60 sex trafficked youth will go unserved and another 100 will go underserved. It could take as long as 12 months to find a new location and reopen the program. We believe this is the perfect location for the program. It creates the safe environment we only dreamed of when our staff and advisory board set out to locate space for living and healing. It gets youth away from unsafe environments and triggers, and it makes it much more difficult for pimps to locate them. This building was built as a shelter and housing program for homeless youth, so while minor changes were made, all of the spaces were perfectly conducive to the programs we offer.

If we are unable to keep our current Passageways home, in addition to the inability to serve youth while programming is displaced, we will lose our highly trained staff. These team members are extremely important assets to The Link and their loss would make it difficult for us to keep the committed levels of funding we have in place and we would lose hundreds of hours of training that we have provided to current staff members.

While being able to offer these programs is so very important to all the youth we serve, we have come to a precipice, and it is time to act. The building must be purchased in the next 12 months in order for us to continue providing a safe place for our youth.

With your help, we plan to purchase the Passageways building, which will ensure stability, allowing The Link to continually provide our services to as many youth as possible. Together we can make our Passageways home permanent.

“We have to realize, recognize, admit, and internalize our self-worth. I am worthy of not having to be submissive to him or settle for this or that. I am worthy of the big white house and the picket fence, so many things. Once I realize my self-with, then I will not just settle for anything and everything that comes my way. That helps me build my self-esteem so that I feel like I have to succumb to do this or to do that.” – A Survivor finding her way home