Link News

Executive Leadership Update

The Link is proud to announce changes in our executive leadership. We are excited to share that our Executive Director position will now be referred to as Chief Executive Officer. We have also added the position of Chief Advancement Officer to the agency.  These changes/additions were approved by our Board of Directors in response to the increase in size of our agency, the large  impact The Link has in the community and because we see a need to grow the Development Department so that we can continue to increase growth across the agency.


In addition, as an organization we are also strongly committed to gender equity within job titles, pay and opportunity which will be reflected with these title changes. Beth Holger will now be The Link’s Chief Executive Officer.  In addition, Jennifer Becker, J.D. was promoted to Chief Advancement Officer and Megan Voronyak was hired as The Link’s Development Director. We will also be working extremely hard to expand our next level of C Suite leadership over the next 5 years.


This is exciting news for The Link and the community as a whole.  Thank you to everyone who continues to partner with us and our youth to overcome the impacts of  poverty and social injustice.