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The Link’s Virtual Volunteer 5 Week Challenge

Hello Wonderful Link Volunteers,

We hope that you and your families are safe and well right now.

So many of you have reached out about how to help- thank you! We have created The Link’s Virtual Volunteer 5 Week Challenge to help us all stay connected during social distancing and to fill the ever increasing needs of our youth and agency during this pandemic.

You can join in anytime along the challenge. If you are starting this week you can complete both challenges to catch up!

The Link’s Virtual Volunteer 5 Week Challenge:
– An email will be sent out each week with a virtual challenge for you to do (email to be added to our volunteer newsletter if you do not already receive it)

– Complete the task and send an email, screen shot or selfie to Yong at

– Complete all 5 weekly challenges and you will not only help our youth, but win an amazing prize too!

We are so excited to stay connected with you- join in the fun today!

Download The Link Virtual Volunteer Worksheet.

WEEK 1 Virtual Volunteer Challenge is:

Purchase an item off our Amazon Wish List
(Not in a place to purchase an item? Share the Wish List with someone!)
Amazon Wish List

WEEK 2 Virtual Volunteer Challenge is:
Share a story of your connection to The Link
We would love to have you tell the community (and us!) about your involvement with The Link. Maybe you did a project at your work, attended a meal prep, hosted a donation drive, attended an event or have volunteered onsite at one of our programs. Or maybe you simply saw something on our social media, in the news or heard a story that one of our staff shared. We want to know what inspires and connects you and we want you to share it with others!

Please post a social media post (tag @thelinkmn) or send an email or text telling someone about why you support The Link.

Share the link to our Emergency Fund and help us grow our network that supports our youth and young families!

WEEK 3 Virtual Volunteer Challenge is:
Adopt-a-Room to support a youth or family moving out of homelessness!

Join together your family, friends, neighborhood or co-workers to collectively adopt-a-room to help make a new house a home for our youth moving out of homelessness! We have put together Amazon Lists to make this easy- each room has ideas and they can be purchased and shipped directly to The Link!

Email Yong at to get your custom Amazon List today!

WEEK 4 Virtual Volunteer Challenge is:

Thank a Volunteer!
It is National Volunteer Week, so in the spirit of showing gratitude to volunteers, this week’s challenge is to send a thank you to your favorite volunteer – from The Link OR anywhere else. Someone you know is making a difference – thank them!
Email Yong ( to let him know you thanked a volunteer!
WEEK 5 Virtual Volunteer Challenge is:

Collect 3 Gift Cards for The Link!

Our youth and families have more urgent needs than ever before. Collect 3 gift cards for The Link. These can be gift cards of any amount, for any location. Connect with friends and family to enlist their help, or fulfill them on your own- it’s up to you! You can mail gift cards to our main office (1210 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis MN 55405), purchase them off our Amazon Wish List and they are shipped directly to us, or send e-gift cards to
Email Yong ( to let him know what you collected!