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A new model of supportive housing for youth who have been in the foster care system

The PERIS Housing Program has 15 units designated for youth aging out of foster care in Hennepin County (2 of the 15 units can house young families and 13 are for single youth). The program was designed with the PERIS Advisory Committee which is made up of young people that have lived experience in the foster care system. The goal of the program is to prevent homelessness among youth in foster care by providing them with stable housing and supportive services that are youth driven. The PERIS Housing Program will help ensure youth have their basic needs met while they advance their life skills and work to accomplish the goals they have for themselves.

VOA is the property manager for PERIS Housing Program. The Link is responsible for supporting residents of the program 24/7 with crisis intervention, basic needs support, individualized case management that help the young people achieve the goals that they have for themselves and maintaining their housing stability. The PERIS Foundation owns the building and will work in partnership with The Link for on-going evaluation. The program is primarily funded through generous support of the Graves Foundation, along with additional fundraising efforts through The Link.





Are you a young person that would like to become a resident of the program?

Contact for up to date information on vacancies and the application process.

For more information on PERIS HOUSING PROGRAM, please contact JAMES LEWIS, Housing Services Division Director: