The Link is excited to offer a number of volunteer opportunities to our community. Check back monthly for new opportunities!

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Facebook Fundraisers

Did you know that 100% of donations made through Facebook go directly to us?  Facebook has made it easier for you and your community to raise money on Facebook to help collect donations for The Link!  So far in 2019, Facebook fundraisers created by community members, volunteers, and staff have raised over $12,000 to support The Link!

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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities 

Please take a look at the calendar below, and check out the links to sign-up for upcoming engagement opportunities. These are all great ways for individuals,  families, churches, business, and organizations to help make our work possible!

Halloween Fun Pack

Thanksgiving Meal Prep

Thanksgiving Meal Gift Card Donation


Gift Link Gift Card Drive (donate a gift card here!)

Holiday Giving Baskets (sign up here!)

Volunteer Calendar

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Self-starters, Community Organizer is for you. Take the lead on impacting the community by organizing volunteer opportunities for your networks with the Link’s online volunteer resource library and organizing a project for yourself or your networks.

Work with us to get youth the basics they deserve. Help provide basic items such as housing supplies, food, holiday gifts, bus cards, gift cards and school supplies.

Email volunteer@thelinkmn.org  to help youth in our community today!

Activities & Kit Building:

Holiday Giving Baskets

Fleece Blanket                      Frozen Meal Prep

Snack Pack                            Outreach Kit

Cleaning Supplies Kit         Eating Made Easy

Holiday Giving Basket        First Aid Kit

New Home Tool Kit            Birthday Kit

Move-In Kit                          Celebration Treat Bouquet

Donation Drives:

Holiday Gift Card Drive

Baby/Toddler Drive        Gift Card Drive

Paper Supplies Drive       Food Shelf Drive

Art Supplies Drive        Hygiene Supplies Drive

Quarter Drive                   School Supplies

School Clothing Drive

The Link’s programming is made possible by donations from generous donors. Support The Link’s youth and young families by making a one-time gift or signing up for The Link’s Monthly Giving Program.

Volunteers at The Link raised over $30,000 for The Link in 2018.
Help our community’s youth thrive and make a donation today!

For more information regarding the Volunteer Program, please contact YONG LO at:


For corporate/business volunteer and engagement opportunities, please contact JELENA SONG at: