April Spotlight: Avionté

Thank you Avionté!

Tell us a little about your organization/business and how you got connected to The Link?

The Avionté Hope Foundation was launched in January of 2012 and was established by Avionte’s four founding partners to positively impact the lives of individuals in the local community and to give Avionté employees the conduit to volunteer and make a difference.

The Foundation’s mission is to “help people help themselves” by “touching lives and driving change.” Avionté Hope Foundation’s committee works to ensure all efforts go towards positively impacting the lives of individuals, helping them achieve long-term life improvement through financial and personal support.

Since its launch, the Foundation has given over $250,000 locally and within Kathmandu, Nepal, where two of the four founding partners of Avionté are from. Avionté employees have volunteered 2,000+ hours and the company has partnered with over 50 nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities area.

Avionté began working with The Link in 2015 after our employee Becky Fox started volunteering with The Link. Becky was approached about Avionté possibly doing a drive for some essential’s for teens.

What has been the collaboration with The Link and was there a favorite part/story?

My favorite story would have to be this last year when we did an adopt a family drive.  With COVID, we had to make adjustments on how the drive would be successful.  After we collected all of the gifts, Jelena from The Link drove to my house to collect everything.  We played a very successful game of Tetris and were able to load all of the gifts into her little car!

What would be your dream project be with The Link in the future?

We love hearing about new ways to  expand our partnership with The Link. What we accomplished together in 2020 was amazing!  Our dream project would possibly consist of partnering together for a summer internship program.

Interested in getting your business/corporation involved? Please contact:


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