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You can help support law and system changes with us and our wider Youth Services Network (YSN) partners!

Please check out our 2021 legislative agenda (YSN Legislative Agenda 2021) where we are working to double the resources for the Homeless Youth Act to add additional homeless prevention, street outreach, drop-in center, emergency shelter and housing for youth and young families experiencing homelessness.

You can help by reaching out to your legislator urging their support of:

  • An increase of $10 million for the Homeless Youth Act, SF2192 and HF272  to prevent and end youth homelessness and
  • An additional $4 million for Safe Harbor, SF2188 and HF2372 to sustain and add additional services, shelter and housing for youth victims of sex trafficking.

To find your legislator click here.

For talking points: YSN HYA Talking Points 2021 & YSN Safe Harbor Talking Points 2021

For more information see our HYA White Paper, SH White Paper & COVID-19 Impact Statement

We have our first hearing for the Homeless Youth Act in the Preventing Homeless Division on Wednesday, March 24th at 10:30 a.m. (YSN Legislative Agenda 2021). Watch the hearing here.

More updates and ways to get involved to come-thank you for your support!