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The Northside Prevention Program helps young adults and families in North Minneapolis who are facing eviction stay in their homes and avoid experiencing homelessness. The program provides immediate financial assistance and supportive services.

The Northside Prevention Program helps young adults ages 18 to 24, and families with youth/young adults ages 13-24 who are present in the home. Northside Prevention assists with the immediate need for past due rental or utility payments to avoid eviction and episodes of homelessness.

In addition to housing, The Link also provides trauma informed and strength based supportive services for youth that include but are not limited to case management, life skills education, assistance with education and employment, connections to mental health and chemical dependency treatment, connections to health care services, support groups, positive youth development activities and leadership development opportunities.


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Eligibility for the Northside Prevention Program:

  • Must have ties to North Minneapolis
  • Be a young adult ages 18-24 or family with youth ages 13-24 in the home.
  • Have an immediate need for financial assistant including past due rent or utilities bills
  • Be able to provide verification/documentation of need
  • Be willing to participate in Prevention Supportive Services for a minimum of 90 days.
For more information on The Northside Prevention Program, please contact SCOTT COLE-HILL, Program Manager:
612-404-4382 |