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Linked Circle is a collaborative program led by partners The Link and Circle of Discipline. The program is designed to empower under resourced youth to break cycles of poverty and juvenile justice system involvement. The Linked Circle model integrates basic needs and supportive housing, one-on-one mentorship, case management and education support with holistic athletic programming. Currently, youth are referred to the Linked Circle Program through the Hennepin County Department of Corrections and are ages 16-24.

Programming includes:

  • Crisis intervention including street outreach and emergency shelter
  • Basic needs supplies like food and clothing
  • Supportive housing units for youth
  • Academic and vocational supports like tutoring and computer skills classes
  • Pursuit of Discipline leadership classes
  • Physical fitness and boxing programs
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For more information regarding the Linked Circle Program, please contact Nate Haile, Program Manager:
612-364-0029 |